Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review: The Wizard in the Tree - Lloyd Alexander

Synopsis: Mallory notices there's something funny about an old oak tree, takes a closer look, and before she knows it, she's broken a magical spell. Arbican the wizard has been trapped in the oak for thousands of years, and his powers are gone. Will he get them back in time to save Mallory's village from greedy Squire Scrupner?

Review: One word: hilarious. And clever. Once again Lloyd Alexander offers Readers a completely likable, strong heroine and a grouchy wizard who manages to be funny rather than simply annoying. He sets it in the perfect time period - no, not at all medieval - and presents a storyline which is quite well thought out, rather than tha slapped-together feeling so many of his endings seem to have. In some ways, the story has a little bit of a Charles Dickens feel to it (probably the names, and the fact that the majority of the people were villains), which of course heightened it in my good opinion.

The Wizard in the Tree has to be one of my absolute favorite Lloyd Alexander books.

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