Friday, September 9, 2011

Review: City of Ships - Mary Hoffman

Synopsis: Until she finds the mysterious little bag that seems to be from another time and place, Isabel Evans is anything but extraordinary. Then she falls asleep with the bag in her hand and wakes up in another world altogether - a world where she is badly needed.

Isabel is a Stravagante, a person who can travel through time and space to a country called Talia, which is much like Italy. There she meets Flavia, a wealthy merchant whose ships have been attacked by pirates. And piracy isn't the only danger the Stravaganti face. The fierce Gate people are planning an attack by sea, while enemies of the Stavaganti are plotting to learn their secrets. Isabel will have an important role to play - she just doesn't know what it is yet.

Review: Like the others, the fifth book takes several chapters to acquaint the new character to the world of Talia, as well as introducing said character to the Stravaganti in our world, and like the others, there comes a time when the other Stravaganti have to cover for the new Stravagante while they stay in Talia overnight.

Unlike the others, Isabel has a twin to deal with, which throws in some later complications that do a lot to further the story's interest, but get wrapped up and glossed over way too quickly, leaving the Reader feeling more than a little disappointed. What few loose ends City of Secrets had are tied off in this one, and like the others, the fifth installment ends with even fewer questions than previous ones. There is a big battle, some more di Chimici die, there is another wedding, and everything is sorted out in our world for Isabel.

As much as I like this series, it seems I have more complaints than praises, and it is because it seems like no matter how many things happen, the plotline as a whole is never added on to. Each installment feels like a nicely wrapped package that could very easily stand on its own. Please, Mary Hoffman - have some questions and plot development in Book Six!!
Overall Rating: 

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