Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: The First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha - Lloyd Alexander

Synopsis: How did Lukas become King of Abadan? Even Lukas doesn't know. He was in the town square, watching a seedy-looking magician - and suddenly, he was drowning in a far-distant sea. When he came ashore, the first people he met hailed him as King. Being King is fine with Lukas; that is, it would be fine if everyone wasn't trying to murder him.

Review: One of Lloyd Alexander's better stories. As usual, the Author manages to introduce and familiarize the Reader with the main character very quickly, while wasting absolutely no time in delving into the story. Lukas-Kasha is hilarious right off - a likable Aladdin, in many ways - and promises to be one of those cheeky, witty fellows who is surprisingly fun and not just a completely useless lout. And naturally, all of the characters Lukas meets along his adventures all have unquie personalities, utterly likable in their own right, or horrible villains. Sur-Jehan is a strong female character who can be stubborn, isn't afraid of speaking her mind, and knows how to look after herself. However, unlike so many "strong" female characters in modern literature, Sur-Jehan is believable and doesn't have the modern macho-girl image that is so disgusting to me.

Having collected a nice array of people about him, Lukas is thrust into the sort of hilarious and weird adventure that Lloyd Alexander always promises in his books. Unlike his others, however, Lloyd Alexander actually ends it satisfactorily and with an ending that seems to suit the story. As I continued to read and the number of pages dwindled, I was beginning to fear that this book would have the typical slapped-together ending I had come to expect in this Author's stories, but I was pleasantly surprised, and I can shout hurrah!

The First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha is an absolute triumph; a complete must-read for those Readers who love silly adventures.

Overall Rating: 

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