Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekend Recommendations #17

This is a weekly feature, where I get to go all fannish about two randomly-picked favvies (which may not actually be favorites, but got a rating of 3 or higher) that I would recommend to friends! So, here are this week's two picks:

Author: James Dashner
Genre: post-apocalyptic
Part of a Series: Yes
Rating: 4 out of 5
Who'll Like It: Guys and girls who like grittier, guy books and just strange stories. Dystopian fans will enjoy this as much as post-apocalyptic, and though it's not a zombie book, some zombie fans might like the series as it progresses. Seventeen-and-up.

Why I Like It:

I enjoy weird reads, provided it's a weird that sort of makes sense or fits the world. I also enjoy stories that begin with a character who has forgotten who they are, where they are, and why. I loved the ominous feel of the story, I loved the giant maze idea, and the Greavers were actually spooky. The Maze Runner left me disturbed, but in a good way. I was never bored, and I stayed up all night finishing it. Each chapter produced a new and chilling fact about the world of the Glade. While all of the character are definite guys, I liked a surprising number of them. And those I didn't like, I appreciated what they brought to the story.

Author: Sasha Gould
Genre: historical fiction/mystery
Part of a Series: Yes
Rating: 3 out of 5
Who'll Like It: Girl-read, fans of historical fiction mysteries and Venice!

Why I Like It:

The protagonist, Laura, is wonderfully unannoying, and I happen to love Venice! Especially in this era. I love the plot, too, and though the book had its flaws, I enjoyed a lot of its aspects. And the sequel - Heart of Glass - only improves.

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