Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review: City of Secrets - Mary Hoffman

Synopsis: When Matt turns seventeen and acquires an old, leather-bound book, he's surprised by how drawn he is to it, especially since Matt is dyslexic and doesn't like to read. But the book turns out to be more powerful than he could have imagined: it is his talisman as a Stravagante, a person who can travel through time and place to a country called Talia, which is much like Italy. He is transported to Padavia University, where he meets other Stavaganti - including Luciano, a young man who's left his old world behind to live in Talia permanently, and Arianna, a beautiful duchessa in disguise as a boy. Together the three must fight the ambitious and dangerous di Chimici family, who are on the very brink of making a terrifying breakthrough into our modern world.

Review: This fourth book was a step up from the third; it was easier to follow, Matt is actually likable, despite being the jock-type, and events have started to move along, albeit at a very slow and creaky pace. I don't know how many books the Author is intending for this series, but it would be nice to see things start to develop a bit more, seeing as it's the fourth book. However, this one ends with the promise of new events - and very interesting ones at that.

Can't wait to read the fifth book.

Overall Rating:
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