Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: The Last Hunt - Bruce Coville

Synopsis: In the center of Luster stands an enormous tree called the Axis Mundi, the heart of the world. But now that tree is wounded, pierced by magic. Through that wound marches an army of Hunters, led by the sinister and vengeful Beloved. And they are all determined to destroy each and every unicorn.

As the unicorns gather to defend their lives, the human girl, Cara, is sent on a mission to meet a ferocious and mysterious dragon. Faced with extreme peril, Cara must make a desperate decision that will change her life forever.

Review: It is a blessed good thing that the Author does a continuous review of previous events in The Last Hunt, otherwise I would have been completely lost, it's been so long since I read the last three. I've never known a four-book series to take so long in being completed, though I won't chide the Author. As a writer myself, I understand and sympathize how a seemingly simple little story can take forever to write, and the writer can do nothing about it.

The Unicorn Chronicles is an enjoyable fantasy/adventure series for younger audiences. I certainly would have enjoyed them immensely when I was eleven, and even now I found them entertaining. The Last Hunt did a terrific job of wrapping up the series, answering all questions that fans and semi-fans might have in a satisfactory manner. The deaths of unicorns will undoubtedly upset die-hard fans, but it adds to the drama of the story. Dark Whispers ended in a cliffhanger than had even me, a cliffhanger-seasoned veteran, dying to know what was going to happen next, and its sequel does not disappoint. Its fast-paced, surprises-around-the-corner telling makes this meaty 604-paged read seem a reasonable 200 pages.

While the writing itself isn't spectacular and a lot of the names kind of corny, the Author presents his Readers with enough drama and rather unexpected twists to make the Reader forget all of that. As far as children's fantasy goes, The Unicorn Chronicles are quite enjoyable and fun, and The Last Hunt was a wonderful way to end it.

Overall Rating: 

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2)Song of the Wanderer
3)Dark Whispers
4)The Last Hunt

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